Endometriosis is aggravated by pollution, a warning report

If the causes of endometriosis have not yet been determined, a recent study has just revealed that exposure to pollution could increase the risk of developing this pathology. Decryption.

In France, nearly 10% of women of childbearing age are affected by endometriosis, according to the Ministry of Health. It would thus be the leading cause of infertility in France. While much research on the subject is underway, the trigger for this pathology currently remains unknown. Genetics or failures of the immune system: several hypotheses have already been put forward, but none have yet been proven. Scientists therefore know to study the causes and aggravating factors. Moreover, recently, a study focused on the impact of pollution on endometriosis. A determining factor that increased the risk of development of the pathology or even aggravated it.

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A close link between endometriosis and certain pollutants, in particular PCBs

On June 22, “The daily life of ecology”, “Reporterre” published a two-part survey and focused on the consequences of pollution on endometriosis. A subject too little mentioned as explained by the media: “in the thirty-four pages of the national strategy for the fight against endometriosis, trained last February by the Minister of Health, then Olivier Véran, only one mention is made of ‘environmental factors’ in the onset of…

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