Elon Musk criticizes Apple for its “internet tax”

Elon Musk attacks Apple. The boss of Tesla, new owner of Twitter, recently attacked the tax that the iPhone manufacturer imposes on all its developers. In a pair of tweets posted on May 3, 2022, the businessman compares the commission that Apple takes on its App Store to an “Internet tax”.

Reacting to the European Union’s recent condemnation of mobile payment lockout on iOS, Elon Musk believes that Apple’s share of all transactions made on iOS is “literally 10 times higher than it should beThese outraged tweets from the world’s richest man are just the latest public condemnation amid a chorus of disapproving voices.

Group shots for several years

Obviously, we think first of Tim Swenney, the boss of Epic Games. During the lawsuit which opposed him to Apple on this specific question, he declared in particular: “Apple blocked and paralyzed the ecosystem by inventing an absolute monopoly on software distribution.“And even if the studio managed to bring Fortnite back to iOS thanks to the magic of cloud gaming, the game is still persona non grata on the AppStore where Apple is precisely puncturing this 30% commission.

In 2020, the boss of Facebook also criticized the stranglehold of Apple, which imposes a “monopolistic tax” on the distribution of applications on its virtual store. It must be said that Mark Zuckerberg is not on very good terms with the firm of the late Steve Jobs. In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, Facebook had accused Apple of taking too large a share of the income of small businesses supported by containment.

To this list, we can add Daniel Ek, the boss of Spotify, who estimates in 2019 that “In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that deliberately limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of user experience.” The king of streaming has embarked on a long-term battle against Apple and has even gone so far as to create the Coalition for App Fairness with, among others, Tinder and Deezer. This group has been denouncing the “carefully anti-competitive policy” imposed by Apple on its ecosystem.

The very noticeable exit of Elon Musk comes at a time when Apple is timidly opening up its system to alternative payment methods, pushed above all by European regulators. For some time now, Apple’s commissions have also been reduced for small developers.

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