Elisabeth Borne arrested by an activist after the new charges against Damien Abad

Whereas Mediapart revealed new testimonies accusing Minister Damien Abad of attempted rape this Tuesday, June 14, Elisabeth Borne was arrested by a NUPES activist, who asked her to react.

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Damien Abad is in turmoil. This Tuesday, June 14, Mediapart report of new testimonies which implicate the new Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Persons with Disabilities. The former boss of LR deputies, already accused by two women of sexual violence, categorically refuted these allegations. The young woman, who describes an attempted violation that allegedly took place in 2010, has not been filed a complaint. His lawyer, however, told Mediapart that she was proceeding “to the harvesting and recovery of elements, with a view to providing all the necessary follow-up”. Regarding the other two women, one of them filed a complaint twice, in 2012 and then in 2017, before being dismissed. As for the other woman, the Paris prosecutor’s office indicated that it was not opening an investigation for lack of “element allowing the identification of the victim”. There remains only the case encountered in difficulty the presidential majority which must answer these accusations. This is the case ofElisabeth Borne who was questioned about this during a trip to Calvados this Wednesday, June 15.

Damien Abad case: Elisabeth Borne invites the alleged victims to file a complaint

Right between the two rounds of the legislative elections, the new Prime Minister is pounding the pavement everywhere in France to campaign. This Wednesday, June 15, she was in Calvados, where she is running in the 6th district. During a stroll, the senior civil servant is challenged by a local resident, who turns out to be a NUPES activist. A few days after Emmanuel Macron was arrested by a high school student in the Tarn, Elisabeth Borne must, in turn, answer for the Damien Abad case. I say this as Prime Minister and as a woman: I invite them (the alleged victims, Editor’s note) to file a complaint because it is important that justice can tell the facts“, she announces. A position which seems to have consensus within the government. Invited in the morning of LCI this Wednesday, Bruno Le Maire declared: “If there are complaints to file, let justice be seized and justice decide.”

The Prime Minister taken to task by an activist: “We can’t trust”

But the local resident seems to have a moral concern with this case: “That a man uses his stature as a man of power to obtain favors, does that bother you?“, she wonders. The former prefect replies that she is not “judge”, and that thus, it is not up to her to decide the fate of Damien Abad. While the debate turns to feminicides and domestic violence, the activist gives advice to the new head of government: “Be already irreproachable in the people who represent you, that is to say the deputies and the ministers. You can’t trust people who have saucepans… These are no longer even pans, but complete kitchens at c**!she says. A formula that hits the mark!

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