eat better and get to know nourishing cuisines with Loubatas in Peyrolles

A place of collective accommodation in total energy autonomy in Peyrolles, the Loubatas is developing a food project that allows you to think about your diet in order to stay in good health for a long time and respect ecological balances.

For 25 years, the Loubatas has been welcoming groups staying in its bioclimatic and solar-powered accommodation center, totally autonomous, to provide environmental education.

We are also developing a food project that allows you to think about your diet to stay healthy and respect ecological balances.

In three days, this 5th grade class from Grasse had the opportunity to go from the garden to the kitchen, to develop projects for eco-responsible workshops and to reflect by participating in a collective life experience, for example by managing household chores. .

A way to try ecology together on a daily basis and to become aware of the pleasure that can be had by changing your lifestyle to go in the direction of ecological transition.

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