D’Jessy, the leader of the Pom’Kanel ballet, again violently attacked on his

Who blames D’Jessy Alamélu, the director of the Pom’Kanel dance company in Martinique? A short distress video posted by the choreographer himself on social networks on the evening of Tuesday, June 21, 2022, shows his bloodied face and mouth as well as a swollen eye. The choreographer had already been attacked at home earlier this month by two hooded individuals.

It is in a 20-second video that D’Jessy Alamélu called for help this Tuesday, June 21, 2022 in the middle of the evening.

Bloody face and mouth, shortness of breath, swollen right eye, he was still visibly stunned when he posted his message on social media, after being beaten at his home, he said.

Pom’Kanel, I have just been attacked at home… I have just been attacked at home… Come and see me please… I have just been attacked, I have blood everywhere (…). I was just mugged at home.

D’Jessy Alamélu’s SOS

We have chosen not to show the video in this publication, because the image is difficult to bear. In any case, this suggests that this second attack seems to have been much more violent. The elected municipal official of Basse-Pointe had indeed already been the victim of an attack at his home in Fort-de-France, at the beginning of this month of June.

Obviously, the question is on everyone’s lips: who wants D’Jessy? Jealousy, gratuitous violence, conspiracy… Only the investigators will be able to answer them, since the artist-dancer filed a complaint the first time (on June 2), after alerting the media.

A few days ago (June 17, 2022), the Pom’Kanel ballet, the most popular in Martinique with a considerable number of prizes won during its international tours, was on the local scene, at the grand carbet foyalais Aimé Césaire.

Moments from past performances by the traditional dance ballet Pom’Kanel under the direction of D’Jessy Alamélu, in the center of the photo. (Illustrative pictures).

©Cap/Facebook of Jessy Alamélu / B. COSTA -LEARDEE / JayMs50973 /

According to a relative, D’Jessy Alamélu was hospitalized in the evening by the firefighters, but his life was not in danger. The charismatic director of the traditional dance company, who will turn 52 on July 13, has since received several messages of support on his Facebook page.

I don’t want to believe it, I hope you are well D’Jessy.

I can hardly believe. I’m mad !

I’m sad to see a video of Alamélu D’Jessy bleeding. It’s sad, where are we going (…)? Angry.

Guilaine Z.

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