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Who says barbecue, says simplicity and conviviality. Certainly the barbecue has acquired its letters of nobility in the land of haute cuisine, it is nonetheless the meal during which we like to forget the codes of haute cuisine. The meats rub shoulders with the strawberry skewers, everyone puts on the chef’s hat in turn, we cook, we discuss and we eat everything at the same time. Faithful to this spirit of relaxation, all the recipes in this book can be prepared in advance. Once the barbecue has started, all that remains is to savor the grilled meats with a light spirit with your guests.

We also think greediness and generosity. The barbecue is this pleasure break during which we see things in a big way. No scruple to have a little heavy hand on the sauces, to provide larger portions than usual. Take inspiration from our few recipe ideas and always try different dips, chutneys and toppings to accompany your meats, vegetables and sweet skewers.

In the kitchen, it is often enough to have the right ingredients on hand to make great dishes. With some essential products in the cupboard, improvise this summer and all year round express marinades and surprising salsas for tender and fragrant grilled meats.

From appetizer to dessert, around the world and in the garden, the barbecue is revolutionizing, it’s here and it’s now!

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