Digital detox: how to beat smartphone addiction

Digital detox: how to beat smartphone addiction

Today, the smartphone has become our indispensable assistant. Our life has already become impossible without a mobile phone. It helps us to work, communicate with family and friends, shop, order a taxi and much more. However, we often don’t notice how addicted we become to our gadget.

The fight against smartphone addiction: the main principles

So nowadays people spend a lot of time with their smartphones. He is their source of information. However, one should not use the phone all the time. How can we overcome this addiction?

  1. Replace the habit.

Replace the usual activity on the phone with another chosen one, for example, instead of “Notes”, a notebook and a pen to use for the day.

  1. Start your day without a phone.

We’re used to immediately checking the news and social media after waking up. And the morning seems fruitless and unproductive if we don’t. However, this is not the case. In the morning, it is better to completely forget about the smartphone. In the morning you need to calmly wash, recover, drink tea or coffee, think about good things. And the most important thing is to feel your feelings and emotions right now. Indeed, due to modern gadgets, we often lose touch with reality.

  1. Delete social media apps from your phone.

Social media distracts us from real life. We constantly read messages, check news, comment on friends’ photos, etc. It prevents us from experiencing reality. Therefore, we advise you to remove these apps from your phone. Remember that you are not deleting them permanently and that you can have other means and ways to access social networks. This is not a prohibition, but the fight against acquired reflexes. Also uninstall apps that force you to check your phone frequently. You can also put your phone aside and turn off notifications. If disabling notifications is unacceptable to you, it may signal problems in your social and private life.

Delete social media apps from your phone
Delete social media apps from your phone
  1. Put your phone aside when you’re with family and friends.

When chatting with your friends, try playing a game. Ask everyone to put their phone face down. And whoever takes it first pays for dinner or coffee.

  1. No smartphone at bedtime.

Now that you’ve changed your smartphone usage habits, the next step – change your external environment. For example, your bedroom. In the evening, wipe all electronic gadgets and devices from there, including a smartphone. This allows you to avoid automation when using your smartphone before bed and immediately after waking up.

  1. try not to use your smartphone pendant 1 day.

You have to go 24 hours (preferably a weekend – it will be easier for you) without a smartphone or any other electronic device with Internet access. Notify those around you in advance that you will be disconnected and that it will be impossible to reach you (you can record a message on an answering machine or set up an automatic notification for e-mail).

  1. Track how long your smartphone has been used.

If you can’t limit yourself, you can use special apps that will tell you the time. In general, try to use the phone no more than 1-2 hours a day, this is the most optimal time.

  1. You don’t have to have your smartphone with you all the time.

We often take the phone in the kitchen, in the bathroom. We eat and read the news, we take a bath and text our friends. And at that moment we completely forget our feelings, reality. try to be more in reality: listen to music, read a book, think about your hobby. All this will give you positive emotions and pleasant impressions, you will feel alive.

  1. Use silent mode.

Regular notifications are a major distraction. Short beeps can be a stumbling block in the process of performing daily tasks. If you want to work and complete a project, put your phone on silent. To avoid missing an important call, use the “do not disturb” mode. This will allow someone from your favorite contact list to call you. But you won’t be distracted by not-so-important notifications and calls.

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