Did Tim Cook just say that Apple is working on a gaming headset?

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(Pocket-lint) – Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave an interview to China Daily, in which he hinted, or not, that Apple was working on an augmented reality headset.

Asked what an augmented reality headset needs to succeed in the consumer market, the executive explained that Apple is interested in augmented reality technology, and in the end he even told viewers to ” stay tuned and see you what we have to offer”. It’s worth watching the full clip on Twitter – which was spotted by 9to5Mac – to see how the interviewer asks the question and to observe Cook’s rather coy response for yourself.

One can’t help but wonder if Cook isn’t alluding to the fact that Apple is developing an augmented reality headset. Keep in mind that the company has been rumored to have been developing some kind of headset, whether AR or AR/VR, for at least five years. Cook and the interviewer are likely aware of these rumors.

During the interview, Cook admitted he “couldn’t be more excited” about AR, although it’s also noted that the technology is still in its infancy.

Apple’s CEO has spoken about AR many times over the past few years, even declaring it to be an “essential part of Apple’s future.” The most recent reports indicate that Apple’s work on a first-generation headset is nearly complete. The company has also reportedly started developing an operating system, called Reality OS.

However, despite all these rumors, Apple has yet to confirm or announce anything clearly. In fact, many people thought that Apple was going to hint at the headset at WWDC 2022. But that never happened.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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