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Initially planned only on smartphones, Blizzard has nevertheless decided to release a beta version for PC, but can we play on a Mac?

Ten years after the release of Diablo 3 and one year from the release of Diablo 4Blizzard has decided to release Diablo Immortal. This episode is nevertheless a bit special since it was designed for iOS and Android smartphones. The American publisher then made the decision to release it on PC with a beta currently underway.

However Diablo Immortal is not available on Macs whether it is the MacBook Air, Mac Book Pro or even the iMac models.

Can you play Diablo Immortal on Mac?

Unfortunately for affected players Diablo Immortal is not available on Mac despite its presence on the Apple AppStore. Owners of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or even iMac must therefore go to the iOS, Android or PC version.

Diablo Immortal gameplay trailer available on iOS, Android and PC

Although Blizzard has often made its games available on Mac, including World of Warcraft, this has not been the case for a few years. Thus Diablo 3 is playable on Apple brand computers but not Overwatch for example.

At this time Blizzard has not made any announcement about the possibility of a compatible version of Diablo Immortal on Mac.

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