Dam’s Caz, good food, no Chinese

If you manage to park, at noon, avenue de Bourbon, near Dam’s Caz, run to the nearest PMU, you’re in luck. You’ll be more likely to find the square behind the church, and again.

We disembark early, as usual. The dishes are ready. The menu of the day, displayed outside, sets the tone: it is essentially Chinese cuisine. Finally, the “Chinese” with Reunionese sauce! We’re not at Wang Fu or Sweet Cooking either. Let’s call it karay cuisine: imperial shrimp stir-fry, chicken fried rice, pork mine stir-fry and chicken with onion stir-fry. The only “pur péi” dishes are a ti-salé with big peas and a smoked sausage rougail. And the elegance of correctly writing “bon” appétit and not “bon” appétit!

The reception is smiling and friendly. The young woman at the service explains to us how the establishment works. All-you-can-eat buffet, and also to take away, payable at the tray “which closes”. Basically, put whatever you want in it, as long as the tray can be closed. An originality, little or not seen elsewhere: the all-you-can-eat buffet includes samosas, chilli sweets and the like, and ice cream too. The first look at all the dishes lined up is satisfying. The colors are nice, but the delicate arteries are going to get a few sweats. One lunch here, and it’s two days of steaming vegetables behind.

We begin hostilities with fries. Samosas, chilli sweets and brèdes pastries are pretty good overall. Spices not too aggressive. Proper salt. Chili candy is plump. Since the buffet is all you can eat, we’ll try everything, except the mines. We want to live dangerously, but here, it’s a little too “generous” to use a euph…

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