Crystal Palace: Police and FA launch investigation after Vieira kicked Everton fan

Taken part by an Everton supporter on Thursday, after the defeat of Crystal Palace (2-3), Patrick Vieira was at fault for a bad gesture. British police and the English Federation have opened an investigation.

Vieira kick gets a lot of talk in England

Patrick Vieira had a difficult end of the evening on Thursday. While his Crystal Palace team led 2-0 at half-time in a late match of the 33rd day of the Premier League, the French coach finally lost 2-3 on the lawn of Everton. Enough to arouse great joy among the Toffees supporters, who invaded the field for after the maintenance of their team acquired thanks to this result. But the situation has dgnr…

Vieira hits an Everton fan

In images captured by Sky Sports, which quickly made the rounds of social networks and British media, Vieira can be seen crossing the field, in the middle of opposing fans, to return to the locker room. It is then that an individual approaches the technician to chamber him and insult him, joining an obscene gesture to his inappropriate reaction. Faced with the excessive behavior of this fan, the blood of the 1998 world champion ran wild and he kicked him to the point of bringing him down. The altercation didn’t go any further, but the case might not stay there.

Local police announced on Friday the opening of an investigation into the incident. Merseyside Police are investigating an altercation that took place on the ground at Goodison Park after the match Everton – Crystal Palace on Thursday May 19 she indicated in a press release, specifying that she had not received no formal complaints . We are working with Everton FC to gather all available CCTV footage and we are talking to witnesses. According to the British press, the English Federation (FA) has also decided to study the incident.

Vieira defended

The former Nice coach can however count on the support of Dion Dublin. One can understand the joy of Everton fans, but you have no right to do this. You cannot push managers and players, touch them and shout in their face. We need to stop allowing fans onto the pitch, it’s too dangerous , the former Leicester and Manchester United player told Sky Sports. This incident is likely to change things in a Premier League anxious to keep violence outside its stadiums.

VIDEOS: Vieira altercation with Everton fan

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