Covid19. How could some vaccinees develop serious forms? Researchers have the answer

The speech had been hammered during the vaccination campaign. By vaccinating against Covid-19, people would greatly limit the risk of being infected or developing a serious form of the disease.

Even if cases remain rare, some people still had to be hospitalized in France. Researchers from Inserm, AP-HP and teacher-researchers from Paris Cité University have found reasons that could explain these severe cases in people with a complete vaccination profile, report France Info.

It is an immunological deficit in some of these patients which explains the appearance of serious forms even after two doses of vaccine according to the Inserm press release. The researchers noticed that 24% of people hospitalized had antibodies that neutralized the action of type 1 interferons. However, these molecules are the first defense against the virus.

48 patients taken into account

For the purposes of the study, 48 patients between the ages of 20 and 80 were examined. The researchers first made sure that the vaccine was effective by checking that their bodies had a good level of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Following their hypothesis, the scientists then sought “the presence of anti-interferon type 1 autoantibodies”. As a result, 24% of the 48 patients had antibodies capable of neutralizing interferons.

However, the researchers note that none of these people died. This is not the case in the unvaccinated population. Indeed, among these, “20% of people who die have type 1 anti-interferon autoantibodies”. Additional proof of the efficacy of the vaccine even in the event of immunological deficiency.

Covid19. How could some vaccinees develop serious forms? Researchers have the answer

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