Covid – Omicron: with the new XE variant, you are positive for 10 days!

The XE variant is spreading all over the planet. Scientists are gradually revealing its characteristics. This one is not the type to reassure.

Was it appropriate to lift the restrictive measures ? This is the question that today agitates the scientific community. Torn between those who believe that the measures to prevent the spread of Covid were lifted at the right time, and those who believe it was still too early.

The reason for the skepticism? The arrival of new variants. Today, South Africa seems to have entered a new wave of contamination under the impulsion of BA.4 and BA.5.

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“The virus has more opportunities to spread more widely”

In the USANew York faces a rise in power BA.2.12.1. And in Europeit’s the XE variant which is gaining ground. Especially at UK and in Spain. A variant that is actually a recombinant of the subvariants ofOmicron, BA.1 and BA.2 and who was judged “10% more contagious” than its predecessor BA.2 by the World Health Organization.

Rayon symptomsthe loss of taste and loss of smell also seem to be making a comeback with the XE variant.

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We also know a little more about other characteristics: with the XE variant, the patient is infected longest temperatureit is only with the other variants. This is announced by Professor Denis Kinane, founding scientist of Cignpost Diagnostics, a major British supplier of test the covid. Data for the XE variant shows a positive PCR test for 10 days or more, much more than the usual 6 observed for the other strains, “which means the virus has more opportunities to spread more widely”, he says in the columns of the Mirror. A professor who points to a declining level of testing and sequencing. In question, the end of the measures which, according to him, does not make it possible to fight against a variant with such characteristics.

New variant of Covid XE that ‘makes people test positive for longer’ triggers warning – The Mirror – Danya Bazaraa :: Source:

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