Covid – Omicron: Has Spain really discovered a new variant within its population?

In the Spanish region of Asturias, several cases of Covid could come from a new strain of the virus, very similar to BA.4 and BA.5.

For several days, theSpain remains on alert after an upsurge in the number of contaminations. If the country still seems to have the pandemic under control within its population, the discovery of cases potentially carrying a new strain of covid worries the authorities.

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In Asturias, researchers are asking themselves

This Tuesday, May 3, El Periodico revealed that the microbiology laboratory of the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) had identified at least 5 cases of a possible new strain of the virus. According to the researchers, the patients would be positive for the subvariants BA.4 we BA.5present in South Africa.

However, they say he “there is no evidence that the carrier patients were related to those in South Africa”. The geographical proximity of the cases, all identified in the same region, encourage scientists to imagine “a specific evolution of the virus in Asturias”which could cause “an aboriginal variant”.

ud83dude37Asturias detects a new variant of the coronavirus that could be specific to the region

u27a1The microbiology laboratory has identified 5 clear cases, 6 probable and 3 dudosos

— El Periodico (@elperiodico) May 3, 2022

New variant or new simple cases of BA.4 and BA.5?

For now the possibility of a new variant natives Asturias remains at the hypothetical stage. The researchers are certain, however, that it is a different strain from those currently circulating in Spain, such as the BA.1 ou the BA.2.

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It is in particular the accumulation of cases that remains unpublished. There currently existed 5 proven cases, as well 6 probable cases and 3 doubtful.

The Spanish scientists therefore know their research and explain that they will be able to find out more by the weekendwith the arrival of new cases and the help of the international database.

What’s new?

According to the Spanish researchers, it does not appear that this potential new variant could change the course of the pandemic. However, if it is really a new variant, this strain could allow to readjust the vaccine current.

Generally speaking, this strain would be even more transmissible than the original version of the Covid variant Omicron. However, the symptoms related would not be of particular concern since none of the patients were hospitalized.

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