Covid: a study reveals a cognitive decline equivalent to 20 years of aging in some patients

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have taken cognitive tests to a sample of patients hospitalized because of covid. A marked decline was seen in these individuals.

Does covid accelerate cognitive decline? According to a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge, people in hospital can lose 10 IQ points: the equivalent of the natural cognitive decline that occurs between the ages of 50 and 70.

For the purposes of the study, forty-six people underwent tests an average of six months after their illness. Their results were then compared with those of 66,000 people from the general population.

“People hospitalized with covid-19 performed worse on verbal analogical reasoning tests, which show an individual’s ability to recognize relationships between ideas and think methodically,” New Scientist reports. relay the results of the study.

Slow patient recovery

“They were also recorded slower processing speeds. Scores and reaction speeds improved over time, but any recovery was gradual at bestaccording to researchers.

It remains to understand the reasons for these cognitive disorders. According to the researchers, the causes are varied: “insufficient blood supply to the brain, obstruction of blood vessels, microscopic hemorrhages caused by the virus, but also damage caused by an overactive immune system.”

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