Covid-19: the brain ages by 20 years in the event of a severe form

Covid-19: the brain ages by 20 years in the event of a severe form
Severe forms of Covid have prematurely aged the brain. ©Adobe stock

English scientists have made the link between severe forms of Covid, brain aging and a drop in IQ. We tell you more.

20 year aging of the brain

Serious forms of Covid-19 causing cognitive impairment. In some cases, these cognitive disorders are the equivalent of a 20 year aging of the brain. These are the conclusions of British researchers from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. Their study was published April 28 in the journal The Lancet. This 20-year brain aging is comparable to cognitive decline observed in people aged 50 to 70observe scientists.

Lower intelligence quotient

The aging of the brain caused by severe forms of Covid is comparable to a loss of ten intelligence quotient points (IQ), according to scientists. The latter administered cognitive tests on the memory, attention and reasoning to 46 patients hospitalized for Covid-19. These patients “obtained significantly lower scores and were slower in their responses,” the researchers said.

Towards a future treatment?

The 46 patients who suffered from severe forms of Covid have not recovered their cognitive faculties 10 months after hospitalization. The researchers hope their work will help understand the long-term effects of Covid and “produce effective treatments to fight upstream, and even in the future against these symptoms”.

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