Covid-19: severe forms of the disease could cause a drop in IQ

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Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London have conducted a study which shows that patients with severe forms of Covid-19 may be more prone to cognitive impairment.

After more than two years of pandemic and nearly 6 million deaths, the Covid-19 has not yet revealed all its secrets. British researchers have studied the cognitive disorders caused by its severe forms, as indicated by TF1Info.

According to the work of scientists from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, published in the journal ClinicalMedicine of The Lancet, the severe forms of Covid-19 caused cognitive disorders that resembled 20 years of aging, between 50 and 70 years. This would be comparable to a loss of ten intelligence quotient (IQ) points, according to scientists.

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Data from 46 Britons hospitalized with Covid-19 at a facility in north London was analyzed by the researchers. They gave them cognitive tests (memory, attention, reasoning). Results compared to those of a control group of 66,000 people. And for the researchers, the results of this comparison are clear: “participants hospitalized due to Covid-19 obtained significantly lower scores and were slower in their responses”.

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