Covid-19: Apple has ended its report on the evolution of travel

On April 14, Apple put an end to its portal revealing the evolution of travel in times of pandemic. The manufacturer had set up this webpage two years ago, a few weeks after the start of the global Covid-19 epidemic. Based on the data used by Maps, graphs showed the evolution of trips on foot, by car or by public transport.

April 2020 chart from Apple Mobility Report

The first graphs, like the one above, confirmed in particular that the containment measures taken in several countries in the spring of 2020 had resulted in an instantaneous drop in travel.

Google has a similar mobility observatory that is still online. “These reports will be available for a limited time, as long as health authorities deem them useful in the fight against the spread of COVID-19”indicates Google on its site.

Another special provision that has been made by Apple and Google against Covid-19 is the contact tracing system built into iOS and Android (on iOS it is in Settings > Exposure Notifications, but TousAntiCovid does not take advantage of it). It is expected that Apple and Google will deactivate this pay-per-country system when it is no longer needed.


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