Correspondent’s kitchen in Pezens: Frédéric Dufour’s ink sepia

All year round, they provide information on the life of their village. Today, they deliver their favorite recipe.

Frédéric Dufour is a very young correspondent. It’s actually been since February. 2022 that he exercises his activity in the village of Pezens. Frédéric, also a young retiree, settled in the town seven years ago. A bit by chance. I was about to retire and we wanted to buy a house. We hesitated, and as we had visited the Carcassonne hinterland, we looked around and finally found in Pezens. It was first a second home. Then when I retired, it became the main residence .

Frédéric Dufour was a career soldier in the Army. In the “ regular “for 17 years, then 16 years at the DGSE at the rank of major. It was from Paris that he arrived in the South.

Frédéric a grandiose at Royan. Raised by his maternal grandmother, he owes her gratitude and admiration. It is also to her that he owes his vocation as a soldier.

My grandmother had five children. She lost two of her sons to France, one in Indochina, the other in Algeria. During national holidays, the house was decorated with the colors of the French flag. Yes, I love my country, I love France. Even if it is not well seen nowadays to say that. Yet it is.

And Frédéric Dufour has another passion for Napoleon. The emperor is present in the living room in the form of paintings, figurines…

Frédéric Dufour likes to walk. It is with Looky that he shares his walks. Looky, a tender bastard he has taken in and takes care of. It must be said that animal welfare is a constant concern for Frédéric who is an active member of ARDA, the Association for the respect of animal rights in Arzens. He is part of the structure that investigates reports of animal abuse.

He is also a very active member of Fnam, the veterans’ association for which he created and runs a Facebook page. It was also on the occasion of commemorations that the mayor of Pezens suggested to him the idea of ​​becoming a correspondent for L’Indépendant. This makes it possible to make known the village, to give news of the surroundings.


Frédéric Dufour says he cooks little, but he calls himself a gourmet. I like good things yes . He chose to talk about a sepia recipe from his grandmother. : sepias in ink. She bought them at the Royan market, along with the ink. I have often tried to reproduce the recipe, without ever finding the taste of my grandmother’s dish. There was garlic and parsley he remembers. She returned them, then added the ink, which gave the chair a purplish color. I think it was a pied-noir recipe, which she must have brought back from her stay in Algiers. .Preparation : clean the sepia and cut it into strips, keep the heads whole, taking care to remove the beak. Reserve pockets of black. Pound the garlic with the pockets of black and a little oil until it makes a paste. Flour the sepia and brown it for a few minutes in a casserole dish with a little oil. When the sepia becomes a little pink, add the garlic and black paste. Stir well and add hot water to 1 cm above sepia. Bind everything well and cook over medium heat – half-covered casserole. 30 minutes is enough for cooking if the sepias are very fresh and of medium size. Sepia is generally cooked very quickly to keep the tenderness of the chair.

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