Correspondent’s cuisine: Jimmy Phan’s mi-beef satay banh

Throughout the year, the correspondents provide information on the life of the villages. Today, they open up and reveal their favorite recipe.

Jimmy was born in Paris, in the 14th arrondissement where he lived until he was 14 years old. His parents are merchants: “I learned to walk in their shop. I also worked there. From my youth, I have a memory of freedom, the time of total carelessness, of a child who liked to heckle. The holidays, it’s was the Barcarès at my grandparents’. In 1995, the family moved to Vernet-les Bains, his father ran a shop there in Villefranche-de-Conflent: “It became my HQ. At first, I had a hard time with this change. The mountains, the forests, did not inspire the kid from the estates. It took me a little time to adapt, but today today I fell in love with it. In the summer I worked with my father in his shop and on the markets. I really appreciated the contact with people, the exchanges, the sale. I was destined for this job. . The photography that Jimmy practices will reorient his professional project. “When I was seven, I got disposable cameras from my father’s truck and started shooting all over the place. My great-grandfather was a photographer for the newspaper l’Humanité, and my grandfather professional photographer. The latter also finds that I have a good look and offers me a film camera on one of my birthdays, I was on the right track. In 2008, I buy a reflex and travel for three months in Vietnam. This allowed me to meet part of my family that I did not know”, he explains. Upon his return, he produced an exhibition on the children of Vietnam. Photography becomes his profession: “It’s my time machine.”

The relationship with people, Jimmy also lives it in volunteer actions: “Helping people, supporting them in their delicate lives. With friends and the JoaJoie association, we visit sick children in hospital. Bringing a smile back to these children is my pleasure. I also do reports on the maraudes of Perpignan within the framework of the association at the Heart of Humanity 66”. On the professional side, Jimmy works with artists, on thematic fairs, festivals, for the Mondial du vent de Leucate: “I am preparing a book on the Yellow Train which fascinates me”, he finished. Correspondent of The Independent, this allows him to talk about his village “which is very lively”.


Ingredients2 chopsticks, 500 g of beef fondue, 1 onion, 50 g of ginger, 15 cl of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of nuoc-mâm, 4 of saté (bouquet of spices), 4 slices of Vietnamese ham, 1 drizzle of sesame oil, coriander, salad, carrots, 4 slices of Vietnamese ham.recipeFry the three onions, the ginger, the finely cut beef, add the oil, the saté, the nuoc-mâm, the soy sauce. Stir then set aside for about 1h30. Cut the half-baguettes in half, place the salad, the fresh soybeans, the beef and its sauce and the cut ham. Finally, sprinkle with coriander and grated carrots. Enjoy!

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