Cooking tips with Iris Délices du Jardin d’Iris.

Commercial for more than 25 years, Iris has seen her job deteriorate through the race for turnover, hierarchy and the lack of consideration given to customers. This way of working did not suit him, in 2008 a radical change took place.

Always remaining in the trade but that of proximity where patience, smiles, exchanges, listening, services mix, where customers become friends, an idea begins to germinate little by little.

Her husband Pierre Jungling (from a family of market gardeners for three generations) is a producer of reasoned vegetables. After a few years in the Metz markets, Iris went back to school to obtain a diploma in pastry and cooking.

The precious sesame in her pocket, a culinary workshop was born a few weeks later and she officiated by transforming products from their crops through their market gardening operation.

The years pass, Iris longs for independence and the delights of Iris’ garden are born.

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