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On the set of 13 Hours, Wednesday May 4, journalist Dorothée Lachaud shares tips for saving money thanks to homemade.

In the kitchen, “for seven everyday products out of ten, home-made is less expensive”, says journalist Dorothée Lachaud, present on the set of the JT de 13 Heures, Wednesday, May 4. For example, a salad of grated carrots is half the price if it is homemade, rather than bought in a tray. The same for the salad, “a ready-to-use lettuce, in a bag, is around 1.50 euros per 200 g, or 7.50 euros per kilo… compared to 4.70 euros per kilo per piece”, continues the journalist. Finally, homemade pancake batter is six times cheaper than industrial one.

Savings can be made by making cleaning products or repairing objects yourself. Homemade detergent thus costs 1 euro per litre, compared to 7 to 8 euros in the supermarket. “It is estimated that by cooking, sewing, making and repairing yourself… you can save 272 euros per year on average”concludes Dorothée Lachaud.

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