Connected speaker: Google Nest Mini offers a nice reduction for the French Days 2022

Good deal news Connected speaker: Google Nest Mini offers a nice reduction for the French Days 2022

And if you expand your family with a connected speaker? Very practical, they allow you to manage your connected home and accompany you as soon as you wake up to make your life easier. You can take advantage of the French Days 2022 and this great reduction on the Google Nest Mini to take the plunge!

Google Nest Mini, a smart speaker at a bargain price during the French Days 2022

The tech giant’s connected speaker no longer has to prove itself. Embedding the Google Assistant, it allows you to keep your hands free thanks to voice control and the many integrated services. Today and for a few days the Google Nest Mini is on sale for the French Days 2022 and its price goes from €59.99 to 39.99€ !

Buy the Google Nest Mini for €39 at Darty

This connected speaker will allow you in particular to know the weather, to define the best route to get to work according to traffic jams and even to be aware of the five important news of the day to have something to discuss with the coffee machine.

And because Google knows the first few minutes of the day are the most important, the Nest Mini gives you the option to set up a routine morning. You just have to say “OK Google, hello” and the Assistant will take care of everything from turning on the lights, starting your morning playlist and keeping you updated on your journey to the office.

Note that lighting management is only possible if you have connected bulbs. Don’t worry, Google Nest Mini is compatible with a large number of home automation devices (lighting, thermostats, connected sockets, etc.).

Multiple features for a discreet connected speaker

Google Nest Mini notably allows you to launch music via integrated platforms like YouTube Music, Spotify or Deezer. And video streaming is not left out since this speaker is compatible with Chromecast and you can therefore broadcast your favorite series from the speaker directly on your TV.

The enclosure is also suitable for the whole family and offers services for the little ones. While you’re busy, Google Nest Mini lets you with a simple voice command, ask Google Nest Mini to play a game or tell your kids a story.

One of the significant features of this connected speaker is the function Voice match which allows Nest Mini to recognize up to 6 family members based on your voice. This then allows it to offer you personalized information such as your program of the day or your favorite playlist.

Finally, it should be noted that the installation of this device is very simple since all you have to do is plug the speaker into the mains and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. You then control it via the Google Home application from an iOS or Android device. .

Buy the Google Nest Mini for €39 at Darty

French Days: Don’t miss any offer of the event

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