commentary Jean-Marc Jancovici has become an essential reference via social networks

On social networks, the engineer and lecturer Jean-Marc Jancovici is appreciated for his technicality and his pedagogy concerning climate change. In a few years, he has become an essential figure by imposing “his vision of climate change”. The “Janco effect”, noticed in 2018, has been confirmed by a new study: “Janco” is the personality who best embodies climate action among the general public.

Thomas Pesquet, Hugo Clément, Cyril Dion, or the Pope… which personalities do you turn to for information on the climate crisis? According to a study by Impakt Faktor, engineer Jean-Marc Jancovici is one of the most followed figures in terms of information on climate change. The president of the think tank The Shift Project would be the one who “would embody climate action” in France, in the words of Albin Wagener, a specialist in the analysis of discourse on social and environmental themes, in an article published in The conversation.

To achieve this result, the authors of the study analyzed nearly 88,000 comments and isolated the most engaging publications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube, since the start of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term in 2017. In five years, they note that“a real price of conscience seems to have gradually infused into the public space”.

Jean-Marc Jancovici has become, through his interventions over the past five years, a main character in the story against global warming, with which the general public identifies. “From the point of view of social networks, it is very clearly the most present, the most readable, the most followed; in short, the one that causes the highest rate of engagement and comments”explains Albin Wagener.

Essential figure of the climate on Youtube

Since 2017, Jean-Marc Jancovici’s popularity has exploded, especially on Youtube, thanks to “successful” interviews and conferences. His conference at Sciences-Po “CO2 or GDP, you have to choose” in August 2019 lasts nearly two and a half hours and has accumulated 3 million views to date. More recently, the conference “Business without energy and without climate? at ESCP Business School in September 2021 has been viewed almost a million times on Youtube.

But it was surely on the Youtube channel of the talk show Thinkerview, that the polytechnician was discovered by the general public in 2017. Conducted in December, the 45-minute interview has been viewed more than a million times . Most then discover the pedagogy and technicality of the engineer, the structure of his arguments and his “hard-hitting” analysis of climate change.

“While there is no lack of detractors, in particular because of his commitment to nuclear power, Jean-Marc Jancovici has a captive audience, invites people to relay his content and to engage in a rather loyal manner”analyzes the authors of the study.

“Janco Effect”

Jean-Marc Jancovici’s remuneration has been growing since 2018 because the 60-year-old engineer, lecturer and teacher, accuses himself of it and takes a very clear position on the issues of global warming, has made a “media breakthrough” on social networks.

Founder of The Shift Project, a think tank on the ecological transition, composed mainly of engineers and executives, “Janco” also reaches the youngest of generation Z up to the deputies and advisers of the Elysée, reveals The Obs.

His expertise is all the more appreciated thanks to his sense of popularization and his pedagogy. “A form”, “recurring expressions”, “a strong criticism of the media”, lists The world, produces the “Janco effect”. He embodies “a form of reassuring rationality in the face of the climate crisis, while being able to alert public opinion thanks to the professional legitimacy that is publicly conferred on it”explains Albin Wagener.

According to Impakt Faktor, he is “quite simply the only personality who has succeeded in imposing his vision of climate change […] both in the media and political space, but also on social networks in particular”. Proof that he penetrates all spheres: his name comes up regularly to designate the potential future head of government of Emmanuel Macron, “directly in charge of ecological planning”, as announced by the new President of the Republic.

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