Cocktails according to Camille Pila, ambassador of Calva

At the beginning of June, the calva club organized a calvados-based cocktail competition in Pennedepie in Normandy. Camille Pila, from Beauvais, went there following his selection to face 11 other candidates to make a cocktail based on Calvados. It was hands down that Camille was rewarded for his cocktail based on Calvados, raw cider caramel, cider vinegar and Nepita. Conclusion : the ambassador of Calvados is from Picardy.

A cocktail and a dessert specially designed for France Bleu Picardie

The cuisine of France Bleu Picardie was in full swing this morning. On the one hand, Camille realizes her “Jardin” creation, a voluptuous cocktail, invigorating and soothing at the same time, which transports us to authentic corners of greenery. On the other, Paul imagines a plate full of seasonality, freshness with a touch of acidity, which makes us want to bite into the plate to the fullest.

(from left to right) Camille Pila, Paul Pila, Antonin Desavisse in the kitchens of France Bleu Picardie ©Radio France

It is possible to discover Camille’s talents by going to the restaurant “La part des Anges” in Beauvais. It was her brother, Paul, who prepared the dishes in keeping with the menu offered by Camille, under the watchful eye of Barbara, their mother and manager of the establishment.

The part of the angels

On your way to Beauvais, you have to park on Rue Gui Patin to get to this friendly, warm and family establishment.

The news of the restaurant, as well as all the information can be found on their Facebook page.

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