Children placed in Vitré: what happened?

Noémie, son-in-law, and their 2-year-old daughter Nausicaa welcomed Lou into their home during an unassisted home birth. This type of delivery represents only 0.1% of the total in France. The mother assures that everything went well: It was fabulous, fast, painless, finally here it is, the dream we’ve been waiting for for nine months “.

However, when the father went to the civil status office in Vitré to declare the birth of his daughter, he pointed out that ” the lady freaked out when she saw that we had no medical assistance at our house ». The town hall, on the other hand, affirms that there was no value judgment as to the choice of childbirth, but that it is necessary to present a certificate from a midwife or a doctorin particular in order to prove that the infant was born alive and viable, and that it was not the result of child theft or surrogacy.

Maternal and child protection (PMI) alerted

The parents explain that they then went all together, with their two children, to the town hall to declare Lou’s birth, then have the newborn examined by a pediatrician, which would have detected nothing of concern. The latter would have told them that a doctor from the maternal and child protection services (PMI) would come to their home to also examine their baby. Or, these are three police cars that come to the glazed couple. They took the two children with them to place them in the nursery.

On social networks, the mother denounces a ” removal “ related to “a completely legal choice of childbirth but not accepted however by the institutions “. Their testimony very quickly created controversy. Their Instagram page has nearly 80,000 subscribers in a few days and their online kitty, aimed at paying lawyers’ fees, has reached the sum of 14,500 euros. The parents have not been able to see their children since their placement and awaits a hearing with the children’s judge.

Unassisted home birth: the source of the problem?

Marie-Hélène Lahaye, jurist and author of “Childbirth: women acclaimed better »certifies that what happened is not legal: ” Women have the freedom to live wherever they want. We are facing a repressive and disproportionate response from public authorities towards women who choose to give birth at home without assistance, and who are therefore considered dangerous for themselves and for their children. Or, there is a deep gap between what French women expect from their childbirth (less medicalization, the opportunity to reclaim their body and this moment) and what maternity services offer. The concentration on large maternities closed the territorial network of small maternities, created medical deserts, and was accompanied by budgetary pressure on large hospitals. All this leads violence against caregivers, but also obstetrical violence. »

A different version of the authorities

In a press release, the departmental council of Ille-et-Vilaine refutes this version of the facts and indicates that it has ” identified health hazard risk elements and the medical follow-up of the two children “. The prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, also guarantees that the placement “ has nothing to do with the fact that the birth took place at home”, but that it is the health of the two children, whose state of ” apparent malnutrition of the eldest, who is at the origin.

A hearing with the juvenile judge should take place soon.

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