Child protection: associations call for the suspension of Twitter

Associations want children to be better protected on social networks. With this objective, the president of the French Council of associations for the rights of the child (Cofrade, which represents 50 associations) and the director of the Observatory of parenting and digital education (Open) published a forum on the website of Sunday newspaperMonday, May 2, 2022.

In this text, the associations ask “the temporary suspension of social networks which does not respect the legislative texts for the protection of children” but also “the holding without delay of the Estates General concerning the regulation of social networks with the main prism of the protection of children”.

A lack of moderation pointed out

“Whether it’s sexuality or violence, all social networks are affected by the presence of content unsuited to the age of some of their users. […] According to the legislation, children are not supposed to be present on these networks before the age of 13, and between the ages of 13 and 15 only with parental consent, underline Armelle Le Bigot Macaux, president of Cofrade, and Thomas Rohmer, founder and director of the Open. Or the age of users is little or not controlled by the platforms – and even less by the authorities. Hiding behind their status as hosts, they deny any responsibility for any shocking, degrading or illegal content that their users may post. »

Cofrade and the Open are particularly concerned about Twitter. An apprehension exacerbated by the recent and controversial takeover of the company by billionaire Elon Musk. “Twitter’s terms of use, in particular, are surprising and even in total contravention of the child protection laws in force in France. While it prohibits “excessively bloody” content, Twitter authorizes, under conditions, the publication of all other media, including pornographic (“for adults”, according to the euphemism of the platform)”, denounce the authors of the forum. And to add a bit more length: “In the context of the acquisition of this platform and the announcements made by its purchaser, pledges that the protection of children will not be sacrificed in the name of freedom of expression. »


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