Chicken is cooked on France Bleu Alsace

It is undoubtedly the most consumed poultry in the world. We could write pages and pages of chicken recipes, it can be accommodated in a thousand and one ways always delicious, simple or more complex but most often very appreciated

Offer us your recipes around chicken this Thursday in the company of‘Olivier Gihr, head of the hotel restaurant the park in Wangenburg on France Bleu Alsace

And throughout the month of May, with “Let’s taste Alsace!”our beautiful region celebrates its gastronomy from field to plate with the labels Savor Alsace and Savor Alsace Local Product
Producers, craftsmen and restaurateurs invite you to celebrate all the richness of the region and Alsatian gastronomy. Healthy local products with certified quality will be enhanced by the creativity of the chefs! Succumb to temptation with a 100% “made in Alsace” menu from aperitif to digestive

Like every day, on waiting for all your recipes from 10 am to The best of the recipes will leave with a gift voucher of €60 to be used in a partner restaurant of the federation of chiefs of alsace + a gourmet basket of products Savor Alsace and Savor Alsace Product of the Terroir

And try your luck at the Fridge Challenge! Every day at 10:50 a.m., our chef awaits your call to “The Fridge Challenge”. The principle is simple:

  • open your fridge door
  • give 4-5 ingredients you have inside
  • in 2 minutes, the Chef present in the studio must imagine a recipe based on the products offered

Every day, if you are selected on the air, you participate for the great Friday giveaway! To be won this week

a box of 3 Japanese knives from the Sabatier brand Offered by the CHR Alsace, cafes, hotels, restaurants, a major player with professionals in the catering trade, which now offers its services and products to individuals. From tableware, to furniture, to kitchen or pastry utensils, the teams in Souffelweyersheim and Colmar are there to advise you and support you in your choice.



Veal stock, fish stock, broths, culinary preparations that chefs very often need. An Alsatian company offers them to you, Mada Food Services in Cernay, is aimed primarily at restaurateurs but not only. Let’s discover all these products with Frédéric Lepron, sales manager at 10:30 a.m.

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