Chic (or not) cases for Apple’s MagSafe external battery

It’s a category of accessory that we hadn’t thought of and that we stumbled upon, even though it’s been around for a while: protective cases for Apple’s MagSafe external battery. Because why not cover the same way as the back of your phone! See developing them.

There’s this example of Bellry’s Leather Mod Battery Cover, which retails for €35. It clips onto the battery and everything comes to rest against an iPhone 13/Pro case of the same brand.

These iPhone cases, called Mod Phone Cases, are fitted to the back of two magnetic lines — the ModRails — to attach an included card holder (€99 in all). When you need to charge your iPhone, you remove the card holder and magnetize the battery instead.

And it’s not the only manufacturer to do this. On Amazon there is an accessory of the same ilk. A silicone case with a neck strap so you don’t lose it. This envelope covers the entire battery, only the MagSafe area seems apparent. This accessory does not exceed 8 €.

Without too much surprise there are all kinds on Aliexpress, including this one above at a price divided by 4, and many others, sold for only a few pieces.

These protections seem a priori a bit superfluous, unless you want to keep your battery in its original whiteness. The whole thing is that it does not interfere with the heat release of the accessory, but the same already applies to all cases that cover smartphones and these can be sacred radiators.

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