Catherine Vautrin does her job interview

While the calls for the departure of Elisabeth Borne multiply, Catherine Vautrin rushes into the heap, head first. In an interview given to Releasethe failed Matignon takes on the air of a master builder, hoping to see a government coalition emerge from the ground between Les Républicains and the relative majority of Emmanuel Macron’s party. “I call for the signing of a government pact between the presidential majority and LR” she proclaimed to our colleagues.

To achieve this, the president of Grand Reims (Marne) wants the two political parties to set up “Agree on the subjects that we consider to be priorities”. “For example on the country’s energy transition – an imperative necessity –, on the subjects of purchasing power, pensions and our social pact”, she recites in examples of themes. And as a good conductor, she sees the purpose of “constitute a unity government”.

Unplugged at the last minute

According to Catherine Vautrin, the Republicans have every interest in engaging in such a configuration. “This is an opportunity for LR to see several proposed measures become reality”. But above all it would be an opportunity for her to perhaps finally become Prime Minister. Because according to our information, revealed on May 17, Catherine Vautrin was about to enter Matignon, before finally being disconnected. Convinced of being appointed head of government, the elected representative of Reims had even begun to form her cabinet and work in government… It can always be used again.

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Failing to have been selected, Catherine Vautrin could again run for the post, but for the time being leave room for doubt as to her desire to land rue de Varenne. “Everyone must commit to France. Both must discuss to reach an agreement. This has always been the perception of my commitment. Today, I am organized committed to a territory” rapporteur our colleagues from Release. As for the revelations of Mariannethe former deputy kicks in touch: “I do not answer this question” she replied.

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