Overweight men die more often from prostate cancer

The risk of dying from prostate cancer is higher in overweight men, concluded a large study published Thursday, May 5, without establishing a direct physiological link between these two phenomena. Read alsoCancers:signaturesto paint a more accurate picture of tumors This study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, is of unprecedented scope on the subject. The … Read more

Influenza: the epidemic drags on in Occitania, an unprecedented situation for the month of May

The latest public health epidemic bulletin in France devoted to the influenza epidemic reports a decrease in the epidemic throughout France, but some territories have not entered the “post-epidemic” phase. This is the case in Occitania, where the disease is still rife. It has been nineteen weeks since Occitania has been in the epidemic phase … Read more

a “new wave in Europe at the beginning of the summer”?

Published on : 05/05/2022 – 17:15 South Africa is currently experiencing a new wave of Covid-19 contaminations. Two new Omicron sub-variants, BA.4 and BA.5, are the cause, and “seem more transmissible” than those currently known, explains epidemiologist Antoine Flahault. Maintenance. Southern Africa is once again becoming the center of scientific attention on Covid-19. Last November, … Read more

What do we know about Mauricette Doyer, who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease a few months after her vaccinations?

Mauricette, assures Marc Doyer, did not suffer from health problems and justified the impression of doing “10 years younger” than his age. She displayed “terrible fishing, no cholesterol, high blood pressure, nothing”, he testified. Can we therefore draw a parallel between the successive injections against Covid-19 and the outbreak of the disease which followed shortly … Read more

Toulouse: the Parc clinic will become a senior residence

the essential Novaxia Investissement, Icade Promotion and Imring are buying the Clinique du Parc in Toulouse from the Ramsay group to redevelop it into a senior residence at the end of 2024. The consortium formed by Icade Pormotion, Novaxia Investissement (via its funds) and Imring has signed a partnership for the redevelopment of new mixed … Read more

How do mosquitoes spot humans to bite?

João Paulo Burini/Getty ImagesThe Aedes aegypti mosquito loves human blood, which is a problem because it carries many diseases (yellow fever, dengue fever, Zika…). BZZZZ – Cozy up in your bed, you suddenly hear its buzzing near your ear. This characteristic noise is never appreciated, being the sign of a potential bite. However, not everyone … Read more