Cannes behind the scenes: TikTok on the steps, big discomfort or stroke of genius?

They are called Khaby Lame, MaximeMagic, Enora Hope, Nikkie Tutorials or even Anna X Sitar. If you don’t know them, it’s normal, they are TikTok stars. Most started by filming themselves on the iPhone between the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. This year in Cannes, they are like kings, invited to introduce the biggest film festival in the world to their subscribers, some of whom number in the millions.

In the conversations on the Croisette, it must be admitted that their presence is not frankly unanimous. “But what do they know about Japanese cinema?“, asked a veteran press officer to whom I had a hard time answering. While browsing on the account of these “content creators”, yes yes, we say like that, I admit that I I haven’t seen many videos dedicated to Mariupol documentaries, more like trying on bathrobes and evening dresses.


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