Cannes 2022: a woman bursts onto the red carpet to denounce the rapes in Ukraine

An eruption that did not go unnoticed. A bare-chested woman painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag with the words “stop raping us” and blood-red panties walked the red carpet this Friday, May 20, during the screening of George Miller’s film, ” Three thousand years waiting for you”.

The action had not yet been claimed. The security services quickly put him aside.

Hundreds of rape cases in Ukraine

The European Parliament condemned at the beginning of May the use of sexual violence as a “weapon of war” in Ukraine, invaded by Russia, and called on the countries which welcome women fleeing this country to give them access to gynecological care, contraception and to abortion.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had denounced in mid-April “hundreds of rape cases” observed in the areas previously occupied by the Russian army, “including underage girls and very small children”.

Testimonies reported by the media corroborated from mid-April the fears of NGOs which reflected indications of the use of rape as a “weapon of war”.

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