Buffalo shooting kills at least 10, FBI-approved ‘racial’ lead

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At least 10 people, the majority of them African-Americans, were shot dead Saturday inside a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, by a white man armed with a gun. ‘ ‘a rifle. He was arrested on the spot. The FBI is investigating a possible “racial motivation”.

A gunman opened fire on Saturday, May 14, in a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York (northeastern United States), killing at least ten people and blessing three, before surrendering to the policewoman.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the shooting “a racially motivated hate crime” perpetrated by “evil incarnate”.

The suspect traveled to Buffalo from another county in New York state to attack a supermarket in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, authorities said. Eleven of the thirteen people sustained by gunfire were black, two others were white, authoritative sources said.

The investigation into the shooting is therefore studying a possible “racial motivation”, announced Stephen Belongia, special agent in charge of the Buffalo office of the FBI, during a press conference. “We are investigating this incident as both a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism.”

A crime he tried to broadcast on Twitch

The alleged killer – who was arrested at the scene – is an 18-year-old white man who was equipped with a bulletproof vest, a helmet and a camera to broadcast his crime live on the networks social issues, Buffalo Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia told reporters. Police said on Twitter that the “shooter is already in custody.”

Local county attorney John Flynn has already announced that he will be charged with premeditated murder.

Commissioner Gramaglia explained that the killer presumed to first shoot four people in the parking lot of the US supermarket Tops, killing three of them, before entering the business. There, a security guard, a former retired policeman, shot the assailant but the latter, protected by his bulletproof vest, was not injured and shot this guard.

When police arrived at the scene in mid-afternoon, the gunman aimed his gun at him at the neck but eventually surrendered to law enforcement, according to Commissioner Gramaglia.

The assailant, who was carrying a camera, attempted or began to broadcast his crime on the Twitch platform, which promised “zero tolerance against any form of violence”. The social network said the attacker’s account had been “permanently suspended” and that it was “monitoring any accounts that may repost this content”.

American media have also mentioned a racist “manifesto” which would have been disseminated on the Internet and social networks, as is often the case in crimes committed by white supremacists.

Messages of support

The shooting sent a stir through the city and beyond.

“This is a day of great pain for our community, said Buffalo Mayor Bryon Brown. Many of us have been to this supermarket many times. We cannot let this hateful person divide our community or our pay.”

“I grieve for the victims and their families. I grieve for Buffalo. I grieve for the tight-knit community on the East Side. Racism has no place in our state or country,” the senator tweeted. from New York Chuck Schumer, who wants to help the city. We stand with the people of Buffalo.”

Shootings in the United States are tragically almost daily and gun crime is on the rise in major cities like New York, Chicago, Miami or San Francisco, especially since the pandemic.

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