“Brothers in the heart”: Pascal Obispo shares a selfie with Florent Pagny behind the scenes of The Voice

Saturday May 14, 2022 comes down to the semi-final of The voice, on TF1. Present on the set, Pascal Obispo took the opportunity to take a photo with his friend, coach Florent Pagny. A snapshot published on Instagram which was unanimous among the singer’s subscribers.

Florent Pagny and Pascal Obispo are friends for many years. On several occasions, the second came to the aid of the first, especially when his property was seized by the bailiffs. In It’s up to you in 2021, Pascal Obispo returned to this episode. “I can no longer live at home and I’m stuck in France with my family. You have to help me get my furniture back”told him the interpreter of Know how to love, before asking him to redeem his property. At the time, Pascal Obispo had not hesitated for a second and had participated in the auction. Since then, the links between the two singers have been forged more. And Florent Pagny, suffering from lung cancer, can once again rely on his friend to overcome this ordeal. On several occasions, Pascal Obispo gave news of the coach of The voice in the media, publicly supported him and shared sweet snaps featuring them side by side. This May 14, 2022, on Instagram, it was published a new photo of him and Florent Pagnyto the delight of its subscribers.

A snapshot that testifies to their great complicity

This new photo was taken behind the scenes of the semi-final of The voice. If Florent Pagny was present there as a coach, his sidekick who occupied this position during the 7th and 9th seasons, had come to interpret his last title there: Who to tell that we are alone. The selfie shows them side by side and smiling, both dressed in black and wearing tinted glasses – an accessory that Florent Pagny wanted to wear to reduce the effects of his treatment. But it testifies above all to this beautiful bond that unites them, as noted by Pascal Obispo subscribers. “You are beautiful and what a beautiful friendship between you“, can we read in the comments, or even: “Brothers at heart!“A third friend, however, is missing from the photo: Nikos Aliagas, suffering, who was replaced by Alessandra Sublet for this semi-final. The interpreter of Lucy sent him “thoughtslike many Internet users.

Pascal Obispo’s publication can be found here.

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