BMW will use Android Automotive, but without Google services

BMW announces that it will insert Android Automotive in some of its vehicles for the first time in March 2023. Unfortunately, everything indicates that the system should not embed Google applications and services.

Android Auto on BMW

If Android Automotive is only integrated on very few models, the Google system has arrived instead. BMW has just committed to using Android Automotive in some of its vehicles, but at first sight without Google’s services and applications.

BMW adopts Android Automotive

In a press release, BMW says it wants to use Android Automotive for the first time in certain series of vehicles using its BMW 8 operating system from March 2023. This use is seen as a “ second technological approach next to the current Linux-based variant “.

No indication has been given as to the models affected by this change. It is also not known if Android Automotive will be available only for new vehicles or if some already marketed can or will be updated. BMW hasn’t said anything about how or by how much the system will be changed.

Google apps might not be included

Unlike other Android Automotive OS (AAOS) integrations, like at Volvo and Renault, BMW won’t rely on Google’s services. However, it will use the operating system as a substructure to implement its own BMW OS 8. However, AAOS will allow BMW to integrate applications developed for AAOS and, for example, a white label app store for these apps.

Earlier this year, the automaker signed an agreement with Faurecia Aptoide to provide an application store for the brand’s vehicles. On all Aptoide boarding cars, we do not find Google services, we can assume that this is not the case there either. The interest being for manufacturers to use as an interface, for example, a “myvolkswagen” account, and not a Google account, and to evolve in the universe of the client brand, and not in that of the American giant “as our colleagues from Les Echos point out.

For its part, BMW declares that it wants to insert ” best aspects of all worlds “, whether it is his “ own internal developments, Open Source or commercial software products whichever seems best to him.

Although Google has a head start in car operating systems, Apple is trying to catch up with CarPlay with announcements in early June at WWDC 2022.

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