Blake Lively’s selfie without filter and makeup

Blake Lively is comfortable in any situation. The actress has accustomed us to dazzling us with incredible and glamorous outfits on the red carpets. But she also has no complex when it comes to showing off. without makeup. A refreshing ambivalence according to his fans.

Blake Lively takes a make-up selfie

Blake Lively dazzled audiences in a Versace transforming gown inspired by the Statue of Liberty at the Met Gala. If all eyes were on the star, many missed her outfit the night before. To pay homage to this outfit, the 34-year-old actress posted a series of photos at home after returning from her evening. She commented: “Let’s go back to the evening ‘the day before’. A little hint of things to come thanks to @thombrowne! Yes, I took them with a car timer everyone was asleep when I got home at 9 o’clock. Sorry my outfit. You deserved better.”

Blake Lively did not hesitate to take a photo of herself without makeup with a selfie without filter. With more than 2 million likes, this photo proves that the actress’ fans loved this candid moment when the actress appeared natural.

This series of photos is also an opportunity to take a look at the decoration at the actress! Ryan Reynolds and his wife were obviously inspired by New York with their leather sofa and exposed brick wall.

Blake Lively’s Favorite Beauty Products

The PEOPLE site named all the beauty products favorite of Blake Lively. When she wears makeup, she swears by Charlotte Tilbury makeup. As for beauty products, she loves a French product: Caudalie Beauty Water, which she uses to give radiance to her face and set her makeup. She also knows that the sun can quickly become the enemy of the skin. Result: Cerave sun protection every day. To keep her lips hydrated, she uses Burt’s Bees balms.

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