Bixby follows in the footsteps of Google Assistant and already performs several functions without a wake command.

PARIS, May 6. (Benin News / EP) –

The assistant of SamsungBixby, integrated into the company’s latest mobile phones one of the most popular information technology functions. Google Assistant which allows the user to use some of its functions without the need for an activation command.

The latest Bixby update released by Samsung, v3.2.12.16, brings with it a feature popularized by Google Assistant and which is currently only present on its most premium smartphones, according to the specialized portal SamMobile.

Users can, thanks to this Bixby update, take calls and silence the alarm on their Samsung phone without having to “wake up” the assistant. To access this function, it is possible to activate it in the Bixby settings section after having previously installed the update from the Galaxy Store.

For now, this feature is only compatible with devices. Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Flip 3 there Galaxy Z Fold 3, and is only present in English and Korean languages. Samsung promises that this new feature will roll out to other of its phones in the future.

Samsung notes that it has also fixed some Bixby-related bugs and issues to improve the performance of its voice assistant with this new update. This is the case with dictation services (dictation) y Wake upwhich allows the user to link their voice to the assistant so that it only responds to their voice.

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