Between Mazères (Ariège) and Belpech (Aude), a venomous steeple quarrel on social networks

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The two towns are separated by only ten kilometers, as well as by the border between two departments, but there are many exchanges between Mazères, in Ariège, and Belpech, in Aude. On the other hand, on social networks, this proximity has given way to a quarrel between the administrators of two Facebook pages which are mirrors of the activity of the two towns. So much so that these pages are closed to announcements from the neighboring town.

Two pages on social networks… but only one atmosphere, and rather icy. Between the page “You know you come from Belpech when…”, administered by two Bellopodiens, Edrian and Julie, on the one hand, and the page “You know you come from Mazères when…”, managed by two Mazerians, Laetitia and Julie, nothing has been going well for a few weeks. The administrators of two pages do not hesitate to refuse publications which will come from the other municipality. See to exclude oneself from the competing group. A computer clochemerle, at the time of social networks, which is divided up to the members of the two neighboring groups, but now competitors.

“I was banned from the group”, explains the administrator of the Aude page

“I tried to defend the publications of Belpech events and traders on the page You know you come from Mazères when…. [Mais], faced with the tyranny of its administrator, I was banned from the group”, regrets, in a post published a few days ago, Edrian Hurlorage, the administrator of the bellopodienne page. “It only favors publications concerning Mazeres, which I can conceive, he continues. But the pages of the surrounding villages publish the events and traders of Mazères. I find this a huge injustice for our merchants and the publications of the events of the small villages around. I have therefore made the decision to categorically refuse any event or publicity coming from Mazères until the person in charge of the page You know you’re from Mazères when… changes its policy. We do not ask it to publish events taking place in Pamiers or Toulouse, but small villages around it, “he discovered.

“I can’t make an exception”, notes the administrator of the Ariège page

“I can’t make an exception. If that’s the case, you can’t imagine the number of complaints I receive from other municipalities bordering Mazères and whose publications I also don’t accept, I had justified Laetitia Lopez, the administrator of the Ariège page. And to continue: “If I do it for Belpech why wouldn’t I do it for Molandier, etc. ? In the end, then I would have to do it for everyone, the group would become a publicity wall, it would no longer make sense. So yes indeed the group has more than 3100 members and indeed this has generated a good range of sight which can make you want and I am well aware that when a Mazérian trader advertises it can bring him work and customers. It is normal that Mazères benefits from it. Because this group is above all centered on Mazères”,

What to lose his Latin

Still, this ban, in Belpech as in Mazères, does not only make people happy. “It’s about time […] steeple wars do not apply”, notes a disappointed Internet user, on the Belpech group. This Internet user, who comes from Auvergne, has just settled in the town, and says he is looking for groups to learn to get to know his new universe. Failed. “Belpech cannot live without the surrounding towns, pick up another Internet user. And I don’t see why people from Belpech couldn’t go for a walk in the village 3km away. You don’t have to be selfish. That’s proximity”. And a third to confirm: “I find it unfortunate that individuals have to suffer the situation. We are neighbors and it is always pleasant to know about the demonstrations in the area”. A fourth is indignant at the concrete consequences of the conflict, and at Belpech’s refusal to publish the posts from Mazère from now on: “So if I follow your reasoning, it is impossible to put the Info concerning BALE FC, which is quite simply the youth football agreement between Mazères, Le Vernet, Montaut, Saverdun, Calmont and Belpech “! A Bellopodian Internet user smiles: “It has always been the war between Mazères and Belpech! Even in fairgrounds”. Others, on the contrary, see nothing wrong with this situation: “Me, when I want to go out, I stay in Belpech”, explains one. “Normal to privilege Mazères”, estimates a other.

In total, dozens of comments have flocked to the two pages in recent days, approving or criticizing the decision of Mazères, and the Bellopodian reaction, which raises a virtual border between the two municipalities. This does not prevent publications from resuming, on both sides, announcing the opening of a business here, a charity zumba evening there… But by applying this simple rule: everyone at home.

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