Benjamin Azoulay, cosmetic surgeon to reality TV stars, reacts after serious accusations

Benjamin Azoulay was the guest of Do not touch My TV this Thursday, May 5. Known as the “plastic surgeon of reality TV stars“, the 41-year-old doctor faces heavy charges. Six of his patients have denounced illegal practices and mutilations, among other things. ParisianBenjamin Azoulay came to counter them: “When one is a surgeon and whatever the surgery, there is no surgery without risk and without complication. On always has small complications, medium ones, sometimes major ones. My job is to support them. I am a surgeon who accompanies his patients, all the time. I never give up on them.

The young women, however, claim for some that they had to consult in another establishment to succeed in making up for the damage caused by the intervention of Benjamin Azoulay: “It was I who proposed this treatment at Tenon Hospital by Professor Atlan. Not for me because I didn’t know how to do it, but to make it easier for my patients. It was I who made this approach to Professor Atlan to take charge of them.“For Benjamin Azoulay, this spotlight is revenge on the part of dissatisfied patients. He also deplores the method used to settle the dispute: “What I find a little sad is that this kind of thing is settled in my office or in a doctor’s office, and not in the press or on a TV set or on social networks. That’s what I find sad.”

Benjamin Azoulay denies having ingested hyaluronic acid in Luna Skye’s buttocks in a villa in Dubai without any hygiene measures being taken: “I operate in Paris, so I practice in France. I perform acts in my office and I operate in 2 distinguished clinics, I do not perform any medical act that is elsewhere, or even at home. Everything happens in a medical environment.

If he admits having filmed certain interventions for television programs, which he no longer does, he denies everything.second state“during its operations:”I am like probably 90% of French people who get up very early in the morning. I get up early in the morning because I open at 7:30 every day. I consult at 8:30-9 a.m. every day, I finish at 9 p.m. on average in the evening, so ask, there are mornings when my head is in a mess, when I go to the operating room, I don’t do my hair. Yes, in the morning, I’m not always fresh, I have a tired head and I have dark circles, I mark.

Zero risk does not exist, Benjamin Azoulay insisted on recalling this and underlining that his job, he practices it with passion: “I do this job with my heart, with my soul and with all my humanity. When we are in the media, we will talk about it more and maybe there is a quest for buzz. A patient who resents you for whatever reason, she has the right to resent you. (…) I understand their pain. A patient who has a complication, she can experience it very badly, I sympathize with this suffering. But sometimes, there is a break that is created and from there, things no longer regulate themselves in the same way.“Probably the most delicate operation he has had to manage so far…

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