behind the scenes of Loris rehearsals with Nolwenn Leroy

WE WERE THERE – The 18-year-old finalist prepared alongside the coach who drafted him in the semi-finals. An accomplice reunion loaded with work to prepare for the final live evening broadcast on Saturday evening on TF1.

“How could I let go of you?” We don’t let go of the family”, explains Nolwenn Leroy to Loris at the start of rehearsals. The story between the finalist and the fifth telecrochet coach of TF1 began at the blind auditions. His performance on the title Lonely of Justin Bieber had not turned the armchairs of Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine. Upon discovering this beginner singing talent, they bitterly regret their decision. It was without counting on Nolwenn Leroy, surprise coach of the show, who drafted him into his team. Thanks to this second chance offered by the one he calls “his good fairy”, Loris proved himself in the competition alongside Marc Lavoine and reached the semi-finals. Last Saturday, during the first live evening, the talent from Switzerland lost to Caroline Costa. For Nolwenn Leroy, it’s obvious. Loris will be his finalist.

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The reunion begins with big hugs. This real complicity will be the common thread of the rehearsals. On the one hand a proud coach, on the other his grateful protege. To hope to win “The Voice”, the duo attacks the title of Eminem You lose. An obvious technical choice for this young artist with urban influences. “We talked about this title from the night of the semi-final“says Loris. The first guitar/voice tests are conclusive. The rapping talent embodies the title to perfection. “Everything was there, you have this extra soul that emerges from you”analyzes Nolwenn Leroy in a playful tone.

Two coaches for the price of one

For the young artist, You lose is a “back to basics and a way to escapesince he started music. The pair talk a lot. Very talkative, they are asked to resume rehearsals, this time with a microphone. Planning requires tight. For attention to detail and to avoid any false connections, they are installed.

Retrieve it. Before that, a technician explains to the fifth coach of the show how the cameras work. Highly motivated, she gives her all, moves to the rhythm, squats down to better see her talent on the back screen. At the end of the rehearsals, after a hug, both congratulate each other. “Since the beginning I have seen him grow, flourish”, recalls with emotion Nolwenn Leroy. However, the singer does not forget her colleague Marc Lavoine who took Loris under his wing for three stages. “He was lucky to have two coaches for the price of one.”

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If the two artists and jurors do not have the same approach, certain similarities are notable. She and Marc Lavoine are involved body and soul in their role. Last week during coaching for the semi-final, Marc Lavoine had chosen for his former talent, Desire by Johnny Hallyday. An ambitious bias requiring a lot of work.“It’s easy to work with him. He is very talented. Me, I exhaust myself in front of him”remembers the coach who accompanied Caroline Costa for the final.

This Saturday evening, Loris will try to win the victory for him and Nolwenn Leroy, who judges him “ready from the start”. She only hopes that one thing has chosen for her protege, that he “enjoy and embody this title with hope and light”.

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