Badland Party: even crazier together (Apple Arcade release)

The little guys from Hype Hye Oy never make mistakes. Badland, Badland 2, Badland Brawl are pure jewels perfectly cut for the mobile. Badland Party is the same as Badland 1 & 2, multiplayer and lots of mini-game game modes. Playable locally or online from 2 to 4 players (it is also possible to play alone with an AI-driven partner), Badland Party takes over the gameplay which made the success of the franchise, that of a group of funny clones that we will have to lead to the exit in levels full of traps (40 levels here).

In addition to the 40 levels of cooperative adventure mode, the game also offers competitive modes, namely Last Survivor, Race, Clone Rescue and High Score. enough to extend the life of a title that already promises to be damn addictive. Note that 30 different characters can be unlocked in game and that of course, PlayStation, Xbox or MFi controllers are supported. Definitely essential. Badland Party is available today in the service Apple Arcade (4.99 euros/month).

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