Auxerre dismisses Sochaux on penalties in Ligue 2 play-offs

It is Auxerre who will challenge the eighteenth of Ligue 1 on May 26 and 29, to hope to climb into the elite. At the end of the series of shots on goal, AJA, who dominated but came up against a very solid doubist block, won a crisp match which took place in a magnificent atmosphere, except for a projectile throw ( 100th).

These excited spectators attended a first period generally restrained by the stakes, with a lot of intensity but very few opportunities. We had to wait for the approach of the break to see Auxerre, previously threatened by a cross from Teixeira (15th), gaining momentum and diffusing a greater threat, through a series of strikes: Hein (36th, 44th ), Autret (38th) and Sakhi (45th).

Auxerre domination

After the break, AJA tightened their grip even more and asserted their domination through a shot from Charbonnier (49th) or a breakthrough from Sinayoko, irregularly stopped by Henry at the extreme limit of the penalty area. Sochaux repair (59th). As the spaces opened up more and more and the game got carried away, the game was a hair’s breadth from tipping over with poor control from Arcus, towards his goal. Weissbeck recovered the ball but pushed it too much, a technical clumsiness which doomed Sochaux’s best opportunity to failure (79th).

During added time, Charbonnier created an equally decisive opportunity, but missed his shot when the Prévot came to repel a shot from Trouillet (90th +2). A failure that gave his team a pass for overtime.

A slalom from Perrin, concluded with a shot flush with the left post (99th) animated this extra time, as well as a volley from number 10 Auxerrois, still him (105th). But the best opportunity of the last thirty minutes, canceled by a miraculous rescue from Bernard just in front of his goal line, fell to Sochalien Ambri (105th +1). Despite the fatigue, Omar Daf’s men, who had already gone through Paris FC (2-1), held out until the penalty shootout. But they had to abdicate because of the failure of Kitala, whose strike was repelled by Léon. As a symbol, captain Birama Touré transformed the shot that sends his team to the Ligue 1 barrage.


Auxerre had scored at least one but in each of their last seventeen home games. This series is stopped, without damage for the AJA.


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