At the RSA but driving a Lamborghini, he gets trapped on social networks!

In the Doubs, a man who liked to show his very generous lifestyle on social networks, was arrested by the police. It must be said that the man in question touched the RSA…

In the town of Fontenelles, in the Doubs department, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, a man would have earned millions of euros, by reselling renovated housing with a big capital gain but… by “forgetting” to declare this income to the tax authoritiesrapporteur our colleagues from France Bleu Besançon who also points out that no balance sheet of the companies of the suspect could be provided to the representatives of the order.

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Show-off, oh how much, the man in question appeared regularly on social networks, with great reinforcements of images showing him in particular at the wheel of racing cars, with overpriced jewelry. Reported to the gendarmes, the suspect was taken into custody on Tuesday. The police then seized his home a brand new Lamborghini Huracan, worth 265,000 euros, but also a Mercedes worth 50,000€ as well as an order form for the purchase… of a Ferrari ! Icing on the hood, the supposed fraudster, who denies the facts, benefited from… RSA! The defendant’s company was also interviewed by the gendarmes, while in this case, an in-depth investigation to find out the amount of the damage has just been ordered by the courts.

Published on 05/21/2022 Updated 05/21/2022

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