Apple’s iPad Pro is at a reduced price, fall for a super powerful tablet

If you’re tired of having to bring a heavy and bulky laptop with you, consider the 11-inch iPad Pro touch tablet signed Apple on sale at Fnac.

Touch tablets have become more and more democratized in recent years and it would not be surprising if you were looking to acquire one soon. The Apple iPad Pro is no exception and comes at a price that will blow your mind on the Fnac site, so don’t wait another minute for the commander as many people think they have the same idea as you.

Displayed at only 854.99 euros instead of 899.99 euros on the Fnac site with less than 5% discount or 45 euros in savings, it will be emulated and create a surprise.

The iPad Pro at 854.99 euros with 45 euros discount at Fnac contains a powerful M1 chip which gives you an 8-core CPU as well as an 8-core GPU so the graphics display is 40% better and the speed up to 50% faster overall processing. Whether you’re playing games with generated graphics or just watching a movie, you get a cutting-edge display. The screen can go up to a maximum of 1600 nits so you can enjoy crisp content no matter what, even in direct sunlight. The contrast is also striking with a value of 1000000:1. True Tone technology guarantees that the colors will be preserved and faithful to the original. You connect as you see fit with incredible speed to the Wifi network with Wifi 6 and you can combine it with 5G when you need it most. The 12 MP camera has an ultra-wide-angle sensor and a 122° wingspan for always sublime and panoramic photos.

The Apple iPad Pro at a price of 854.99 euros instead of 899.99 euros at Fnac

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In partnership with Fnac Darty

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