Apple’s excellent laptop goes under 1000 euros

Are you looking for a laptop that can meet all your demands in a temporary record? The 2020 MacBook Air is going to please you. Its price collapses at Cdiscount and drops below 1000 euros. To pay 999 euros, discover this device with the perfect score of 4.8 out of 5 from consumers. You can pay it in 4 times with a first contribution of 255.72 euros then three monthly payments of the same amount.

With the Cdiscount card, take advantage of an additional 50% discount by subscribing and cashback on all your purchases. For delivery, it’s fast thanks to shipping from Cdiscount’s French regional warehouses. You’ll have a premium macOS laptop even faster with an incredible Retina display for media content. Without forgetting all the technologies developed by the Cupertino company. If you own other Apple products, the ecosystem ensures synchronization between devices for a simplified life!

Take advantage of the MacBook Air offer at Cdiscount

The MacBook Air at the best price at Cdiscount

Apple announces the color with the thinnest and lightest laptop in its range taking advantage of the M1 chip. This component delivers ever more dazzling performance, particularly in terms of machine learning. Your applications launch at lightning speed and navigation is smoother. The macOS operating system benefits from the M1 chip for increased use of the macbook air 2020 with delayed abilities.

The Retina screen offers realistic and incredible colors with a size of 13.3 inches for a resolution of 2560 x 160. The perfect panel for multimedia, both games and videos. Experience razor-sharp, glare-free text so you can use your MacBook Air anywhere, even outdoors and in the sun. The laptop automatically adjusts your screen’s white point to the color temperature of your surroundings for a beautiful viewing experience.

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