Apple will remove apps from the App Store after three years without an update

Apple recently released new terms for apps hosted on the App Store. After three years without an update, and below a minimum threshold of downloads, they could be deleted.

Apple intends to bring its App Store to life. Thus, on April 29, the Cupertino company published an update to its application policy. From now on, those who have not improved updates for three years will be removed from the App Store. These new rules reinforce the previous ones, published in 2016, aimed at “remove apps that no longer work as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated”. A policy that has seen the disappearance of 2.8 million applications over the past six years.

“As part of the App Store improvement process, developers of apps that have not been updated in the past three years and have not reached a minimum download threshold, which means the app has not been downloaded at all or very few times over a rolling 12 month period, releasing an email informants that their app has been flagged for possible App removal Store”explains Apple’s support page.

Developers, including those who recently received a removal notice, will have 90 days to update. They could also appeal a possible removal. This policy applies to iOS, iPadOS and macOS. However, Apple specifies that software removed from the App Store remains available on users’ devices, as do in-app purchases.

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