Apple: we have never seen such a low price for this Macbook with M1

Good deal news Apple: we have never seen such a low price for this Macbook with M1

With beautiful finishes and an almost irreproachable quality, Apple products make their small impression with the general public. However, the price that must be paid to acquire the slightest product from the apple brand scares away more than one person and that’s understandable! On the other hand, when a reduction like this occurs, it is impossible for us not to tell you about it!

€140 savings on the 13-inch Macbook Air at Cdiscount

This is the computer that every student would love to have. Practical, light and very responsive, the Macbook Air finds its place on the benches of the university!

Buy the Macbook Air on Cdiscount for €964 with the code CDAV25EUROS

Son featherweight of 1.29 kg will allow you to take it everywhere with you, whether to go to class, go on vacation or during a business trip. Moreover, son 15 hour battery life will allow you to spend the whole day outside without worrying about the state of charge of your computer.

The Retina screen has LED backlighting and offers a resolution of 2560x1600p so you can enjoy shimmering colors as we rarely see.

The keyboard is also backlit, which is frankly satisfactory for working late at night or in a dark environment. Right next to it, the trackpad with Force Touch will give you precise cursor control and pressure sensing capabilities.

It is even possible to unlock your Macbook Air without entering the password thanks to the Touch ID sensor located at the top right of the keyboard.

Currently, this Macbook Air is yours for 989 euros and if you are a member of the Cdiscount program at will, with the code CDAV25EUROS you benefit from an additional 25 euros discount on this purchase!

The M1 chip marks the revival of the Air range for Apple Macbooks

The main recent big change on the Macbook Air is none other than the arrival of the M1 chip, signed Apple, which replaces the Intel Core i5 processors.

This ultra-powerful chip includes an 8-core CPU as well as a 7-core GPU. It is the most powerful and efficient chip that Apple has ever integrated into its machines to date.

The computer offers 8 GB of RAM, but you can always opt for 16 GB when finalizing the order to receive your Macbook with 16 GB of RAM by adding an additional 230 euros to the displayed price.

Likewise for the SSD, it is 256 GB. Depending on what you do with it, this may prove to be weak, but as with the RAM, you will have customization possibilities.

Be careful however because you will not be able to modify the characteristics of your Macbook once the product has been received. So take the time to think about the use you will make in the more or less near future to adapt your computer now.

In terms of connectivity, like on many Apple products, it’s a bit poor with only 2 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports and 1 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones. Accessories are available from Apple to be able to connect a second screen via HDMI, for example.

Cdiscount is currently offering the 13-inch Macbook Air for 898 euros, or 140 euros less than the base price offered at Apple, namely 1129 euros.

And if you can hold a Cdiscount account at will, delivery costs are free! And don’t forget to enter the code CDAV25EUROS when paying to benefit from an additional 25 euros discount on this purchase.

Buy the Macbook Air on Cdiscount for €964 with the code CDAV25EUROS

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