Apple Watch SE: the best value for money on the market has just lost a few euros again

Good deal news Apple Watch SE: the best value for money on the market has just lost a few euros again

While the Apple Watch 7 is barely celebrating its one year, it is the Apple Watch SE which loses a few euros and is offered at 299 €, a small discount of course, but for a price which remains particularly competitive. We tell you more.

Since its release, the Apple Watch SE has been a hit in the connected watch market. And for good reason, its particularly attractive price and significant Apple quality.

While it is normally offered at €329, Amazon is lowering its price to reduce it to €299!

Buy Apple Watch SE for €299 at Amazon

Aside from its Always-On display, top electrocardiogram, and ability to measure your blood oxygen levels, the Apple Watch 7 doesn’t really have any big differences from the SE.

The SE can therefore also accompany you on a daily basis by multiplying your notifications or during your sports sessions by capturing your heart rate or your route thanks to its GPS.

Like all Apple devices, the Watch SE evolves in a particularly functional ecosystem. Once paired via the Watch app, you can use it as it should with an iPhone 6s or newer.

One of the best connected watches, best tool to disconnect?

It may sound crazy to you, but an Apple Watch or a connected watch in general for that matter, remains a great way to separate from your smartphone and therefore to disconnect (sort of).

So be aware that a microphone and speakers are available on the Apple Watch SE if you want to make an extra phone conversation or send short messages and even use the Siri voice assistant.

In any case, once your Apple Watch SE has been configured and personalized, it will prove to be a significant asset in your daily life. Timer, remote control, contactless payment, there are many possibilities with the Apple Watch and we tell you, you will find it difficult to do without them.

The only downside is the battery. It will indeed be difficult to make you more than a day and a half. That said, recharging is still extremely fast and you can enjoy it whenever you need it.

Jump on the occasion and get the very pretty Apple Watch SE available at €299 in space grey, blue silver and white silver in the GPS version on Amazon, a real bargain!

Buy Apple Watch SE for €299 at Amazon

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