Apple was currently testing iPhones with USB-C port

Apple was testing iPhones with USB-C port, but the first equipped devices did not arrive until next year, at the earliest.

Apple could soon change the charging port of its iPhone. According to a Bloomberg report, the company was currently testing iPhones and adapters that provide a port USB-C, a connection already used by MacBooks and other iPads, without supporting the vast majority of devices outside the Apple ecosystem. Engadget contacted the Cupertino company on the subject, without response, for the moment, from the interested party.

Apple was testing iPhones with USB-C port

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the adapter in test could “future iPhones work with accessories designed for the current Lightning connector”. It would therefore be a question of a Lightning-USB-C adapter for credit card readers or external drives, for example, which will plug into existing iPhones. The Bloomberg report also states that if Apple “decided to continue on this path, this change would not occur before 2023, at the earliest”.

Although the Cupertino company’s decision to change technology for this port has been the subject of much ridicule, switching to USB-C would actually be very welcome. Today’s largest connection standard is only slightly larger than Lightning, but can deliver more power and transfer data faster. It would also, of course, come easily to those who already use USB-C to charge their other devices and need to carry around a Lightning cable just for the iPhone.

But the first equipped devices would not arrive until next year, at the earliest.

Apple’s motives, on the other hand, may not be entirely altruistic. Indeed, the European Union has been pushing for several years for the adoption of a universal standard for charging smartphones. Newly, a bill would even make USB-C mandatory on these devices. The fact that Apple is testing iPhones with USB-C would mean that the tech giant would comply with this legislation, even if it is not yet effective. And if it were to be, the fact of having only UBS-C, or almost, also reduces electronic waste.

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